NaamEllison Renee Glenn
HerkomstVerenigde Staten


Stoic as fuck, with a baby face and a set of blue-collar shoulders, Ellison Renee Glenn aka Black Cracker rocks a swag aesthetic that lies somewhere between Dipset and Blackbox. Currently living between Berlin and Lausanne, but based professionally out of NYC, he works as a producer/MC/writer and has collaborated with the likes of Cocorosie, Creep, Bunny Rabbit and Grand Pianoramax, among others. Black Cracker is known as an unconventional yet highly appreciated artist who knows how to translate studio time into energetic stage performances - one of the reasons why artists like Slick Rick, Grimes, Trust and many enjoyed sharing the stage with him. His work has recently been covered in the New York Times and Vice Magazine as well as on CNN.

Uitgaansagenda Black Cracker

Laatste feest was op woensdag 5 februari 2020: Intro, Muziekgieterij, Maastricht
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