Horses On Fire (foto)
NaamThijs De Cloedt
Michélé De Feudis
Alessandro De Feudis
Anthony Statius
Ghent, Belgium's Horses On Fire saw the light when Thijs De Cloedt (guitars) and Michele De Feudis (lead vocals, guitars) met in the hallways of an art school in 2008.

They hit it off with a mutual adoration for both rootsy and modern rock.

Shortly after Michele brought in his younger brother Alessandro (drums), with whom he played in bands since their childhood days, Alessandro's friend Anthony Statius joined on bass and they began playing bars and clubs in Flanders.

With initially a mix of heavy stoner riffs and hard rock grooves they made the finals of Global Battle of the Bands in and that got them a gig in London's Scala at King's Cross.
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