St. Paul & The Broken Bones (foto)
NaamPaul Janeway
Jesse Phillips
Andrew Lee
Allen Branstetter
Browan Lollar
Ben Griner
Al Gamble
HerkomstVerenigde Staten
Grit, elemental rhythm, tight-as-a-drumhead playing, and a profound depth of feeling: these are the promises of a great soul band. And St. Paul & The Broken Bones deliver on those promises.

Half The City is the compelling full-length Single Lock/Thirty Tigers debut of the Birmingham, Alabama-based sextet, who have already created a maelstrom of interest with their roof-raising live shows and self-released four-song 2012 EP. Produced by Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes, and recorded and mixed in the storied R&B mecca of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, the album harkens back to the region's classic soul roots while extending the form with electrifying potency.
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