foto Black Jack
NaamRakesh Thielemans
Leeftijd47 - 48
Genresdeephouse, eclectic, funk, hip hop, lounge, rock


My name is Rakesh Thielemans aka dj Rakesh or Black Jack. Why the strange name? I'm originally from India where I was born in 1973. Adoption in 1977 brought me to Belgium where I still am today.
I started fooling around with music at a very young age. While learning piano and battery I was very busy discovering a wild range in music and making tapes. I listened to Prince, Michael Jackson, Wham and James Brown, loving the funk and the genuine eighty tunes such as Grand Master Flash, Breakmachine and many more…
When I was fifteen I officially started out as dj. Always very involved in the music scene through investing in records for parties and organising performances with Elmer Food Beat, Yellowman, Urban Dance Squad and many more...

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Laatste feest was op donderdag 15 augustus 2019: Latin & Jamaican Vibes × Summer Breeze, Westergasterras, Amsterdam
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