foto Frogacult
NaamMikkel Calum & David Henriksen
FunctieDJ, groep
Genresprogressive trance, psytrance


The Frogs met at a party sometime during winter time in early 1999. Casper was spinning a crazed out Cosmosis track on purple goa-vinyl and Mikkel, who was to play live for the very first time afterwards, just had to go ask about the name of that tune - Oh, those were the days. The boys soon hooked up again and slowly but surely Casper's musical propaganda-machine noticeably influenced Mikkel's productions as he went from Fluffy Puppy (Yes, boys and girls FLUFFY PUPPY!) to Cubica. Meanwhile Casper was playing all over Copenhagen and Southern Sweden in the DJ team: Jonas & Datai.

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Laatste feest was op donderdag 16 oktober 2014: Fading Boundaries, 't Schuim, Amsterdam
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