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Genresminimal, techno
Paul Agripa may seem a new name in the local scene, but music has been a part of his life since forever. Seduced by the piano and the xylophone, Paul started at a young age to experiment with various instruments, extending even to bass guitar, and listening to whatever came at his hands, from classical music to jazz. Getting even more interested in musical improvisation, Paul discovers the club scene back in 2008 and realises that from a jazz set to an organised dj set is just a small step.
Thus being said, he started collecting music vinyl by vinyl reaching a pretty impressive collection. Getting more & more interested in this field, at the present Paul dedicates himself to this sound and hopefully soon we will have the chance to listen to his first productions.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 16 augustus 2014: Sunwaves, Kazeboo Beach, Navodari
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