foto The Oliverwho Factory
NaamDarryl Caliman & LaShone Caliman
FunctieDJ, producer, live act, groep
HerkomstVerenigde Staten
Genreshouse, techno


The Detroit-based group The Oliverwho Factory (they go simply by the names Darryl and Shonie) is a bit of a mystery. With a scant 10 releases under their belt since they premiered on their own Madd Chaise Inc imprint in 2003, they have created a name for themselves that is rarely heard but when it is, it's uttered in a reverent tone. Their sound is one that doesn't fit easily into a box; its raw and electrifying blend of soulful house and jackin' techno has likely made them hard to market out of the gate. Which was a problem for Darryl's previous incarnation on a major label under the name Oliver Who?, a deal that only yielded one album that focused on a range of R&B styles...

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 6 september 2014: Kehakuma / Elrow, Space, Playa d'en Bossa
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