NaamJussi Paasonen & Sami Törrönen
FunctieDJ, groep
Genresprogressive trance, trance


Behind the name Winkee is a Finnish producer duo Jussi Paasonen aka SimonTemplar and Sami Törrönen. Winkee's style is Progressive & Pure Trance.

In year 2004 their debut single "Whisper" was released on Unity Records. Whisper was released 12" format with remixes from Simon Templar and Slusnik Luna. The track that reminds of sunset in Ibiza made it to the Finnish single chart top-20 as the only single in 12" format.

Winkee released its second track "The Island" on Finity Recordings in 2006. The Island is a summer trance anthem with driving rhythm and bass line. The track was released in digital format and can be bought from various web stores.

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