Active Line Six (foto)
Genrestechhouse, techno
Active Line Six first showed interest for rythm and music in 1994. As a 17 year old he became resident at 'KULUSIC", a popular club in Zagreb, Croatia. Afterwards, he was also a resident dj at club '88″ (diva futura night), which made him youngest electronic music DJ at the time. During the next five years he was a guest at all major clubs and parties around Croatia. In the beginning, Active Line Six played trance and progressive music. A testament to that was the VIVID – BONZAI LABEL PARTY (Fly, Franky Cherrymoon, Kiki, Frajman, Active, Umek, Mary) he organized held at Dom Sportova on 21.01.1995. In 1998 he became resident in club 'EX" in Varazdin, where he stayed till 2000...
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