NaamAndre Gray & Mark Henry & Kunley McCarthy
Functielive act
Genresdancehall, reggae
Ward 21 Music is a group of dancehall musicians and producers hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, named for the psychiatric ward at the University of the West Indies Hospital in St. Andrew. Ward 21 are renowned producers and have created hit dancehall riddims like "Bada bada", "Da Joint", "Bellyas", "Scareface" and "Volume" as well as hit singles like "Haters", "Bloodstain", "Rhyme", "Petrol" and "Judgement Day". Since 2002, the group tours Europe playing shows in Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden,Denmark, Norway, Italy and more. They've also performed twice at Europe's biggest reggae festival, Summerjam...
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