T.O.M. and his Computer (foto)
NaamThomas Bertelsen
Functielive act
T.O.M is a producer who started out as a teen by looping bits and pieces on his 4 track taperecorder. As a teenager he held dj residencies at some of the biggest dancehalls in Copenhagen and Scandinavia.
Now for the very first time T.O.M. and his Computer presents his very own music for a live audience. Although his music is computerbased, it may be hard to categorize just as electronic music. When performing T.O.M. mixes various pieces of electronica, lofi guitars, vocal sampels and cinematic soundscapes.

T.O.M. is also known as one half of the Copenhagen based electronica duo Lulu Rouge.
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Party agenda T.O.M. and his Computer
Laatste optreden was op woensdag 4 juni 2014: Soundvenue & Distortion Club, Rust, Kopenhagen
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