Florian Frings (foto)
Genresminimal, techno
At the age of 15 Florian attended his first Rave
and the fascination never left him ever since.
He instantly developed an addiction for electronic
Music and decided to make it his first and foremost
priority in life !! Creativity is simply pouring out of him
and nobody can resist the groovy energy of his sound.
I want to do nothing else in my life anymore than Techno
Music he says...
His essential knowledge and positive attitude make him
an artist that carries Techno Music to another Dimension.
Extremely danceable DJ Sets based on high end technology
are the result of a longtime love for electronic beats.
Early 2013 he started with his good friend and partner
Elmar Strathe his own Label 5D!!!!!
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 8 april 2016: Pompers Kollektiv, Café d'Anvers, Antwerpen
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