foto Óperentzia
NaamDimanovski Natalie
Bánházi Gábor
Domokos Tibor
Keszei Krisztián
Genresdowntempo, triphop
Óperencia, in the folk tales means a far unknown strange place, "the Edge of the World", border of two realms: here and over. Figuratively, the verge between the real and the fiction.
This fairy tale term that inspire the name of Óperentzia expresses their musical world exquisitely. Which style they play - it's hard to furnish a simple answer. After some brainstorm we could just say: pictures of music that we listen we're living in a surrealistic dream. In this dream flashing and rebounding pictures and shots are turning up sequentially from old children tv-programs meanwhile throbbing downtempo and triphop pulse, talking plants, juggling animals show up, The Good Faerie the Evil Hag, The Seven-headed Dragon appear...
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Laatste feest was op maandag 29 juli 2019: Ozora Festival, Ozora, Dádpuszta
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