Davide Squillace, Davide Squillace, ItaliŽ
Martin Buttrich, Martin Buttrich, Duitsland
Matthias Tanzmann, Matthias Tanzmann, Duitsland
HerkomstItaliŽ Duitsland
You don't always need to get lost first to try out a different path. Sometimes you wander off the beaten track out of curiosity, just to see where you end up. Your new environment pushes you to adapt, try out new ideas and roll with your instinct. It often ends up being so much fun that you want to carry on and explore the new horizons that a new path offers. Well, that's what happened when Davide Squillace, Martin Buttrich and Matthias Tanzmann began to work together at least. Now journeying down the same path together, the three of them are Better Lost Than Stupid.
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