NaamJesse Hummen
Genreshouse, progressive, techno
With the age of 15 is Jesse Hummen, also known as Jay Moon, an upcoming DJ/Producer in the EDM scene.
Jay Moon's producing and spinning skills are growing from day to day. His love for the Electronic Dance Music started about 3 years ago and from that moment he knew he wanted to join this scene, by creating and spinning music himself.
He began 2 years ago with buying his DJ Booth with 2 CD players and a mixer. He learned the basics from his cousin and started practising every day!
Nowadays his spinning skills are at a pretty high level, and he thinks it's time to show them!
Jay Moon has already spinned at a some good known and famous clubs in Amsterdam like Escape, Melkweg and Dansen bij Jansen...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 22 oktober 2016: AOB, ABE, Amsterdam
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