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NaamGunn Lundemo
Genresfunk, house, tribal house


With standing ovations Gunn has played at the finest venues in Sweden and all over the world in places like Kansas City, Helsinki, Hamburg, New York, Mariehamn, Verona, Berlin, Norway, Chicago, Montréal, Rome, Mexico City and so on.
In 2011 she did a 21 day long US tour together with Katja Gustafsson and the HIP HOP band YO! Majesty. She played at 11 different venues during those days all the way from Wisconsin to Canada, Montreal.
CEO & FOUNDER at RLC DJ-CENTER AB, club concept CLUB KG & CLUB X, member of DJ duo Swedish Dyke Vibes & member of DJ trio 3Sum that she has with the L-word star Daniela Sea and DJ Katja Gustafsson.
2012 she together with Katja Gustafsson won the price as "Party promoters of the year" at the swedish GAYGALA 2012...

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 5 april 2014: I'm So Into Girls, Undercurrent, Amsterdam
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