NaamVincent & Mathijs
FunctieDJ, groep


In short: We like deep, raw and UK (bass) house. We hope you like it too.

Way too long: Inspired by the man who invented dynamite and left his wealth in order to fund the peace prize.. This contradiction is what we're trying to find in house music. Combining peaceful and explosive sounds, that's Nobel!

In 2012 Vincent organized his first rave party with his roommates in Utrecht. They needed a DJ, so he started mixing techno and electro. The party was a blast and more events followed. From the second party onward, Mathijs became a resident DJ. At some point, their musical preference crossed and they started to team up.

Uitgaansagenda Nobel

Laatste feest was op vrijdag 24 oktober 2014: Rous, HAL16, Utrecht
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