foto Smurf
NaamGlenn Petersen
FunctieDJ, producer
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genresclassics, frenchcore, hardcore, speedcore, terror


Taking influences from hip hop, oldskool, early Dutch hardcore, pop music and WWE Wrestling, Smurf's energetic DJ sets - accompanied with wild dancing behind the decks - have been moving (and often confusing) dancefloors around the world since 1992.

Smurf describes the music he plays as "a reflection of my personality. I feel like the music I am playing is coming from my brain, into the mixer, and out through the speakers".

The self-confessed 'Greatest Entertainer on Earth' doesn't play or make music to impress his peers, colleagues or friends; "it's party music for party people".

If you like the music or not, a DJ Smurf show is always an unforgettable experience. He has even fallen off stage and broken his leg in the name of entertainment!

The Small Blue Machine's love affair with 'alternative' music started back in 1981, at the tender age of 9.

Music was always playing in the Smurf household from an early age. Sick of every song on the radio & TV being about love, a track by Adam & The Ants called 'Stand & Deliver' grabbed his attention. It wasn't about love, but about a highwayman robbing people. This 'alternative' track started the musical journey from new wave/pop rock to electro to hip hop to acid to European techno to gabba and what is now termed Terror & Frenchcore and back to techno.

The '80s were spent trainspotting, break-dancing and listening to Jeff Young's Big Beat on Radio 1 on a Friday night, recording the latest hip hop, house and acid music onto cassettes to listen to while doing a weekly paper round. Money from that was spent on two 12" records or a compilation album at the weekend.

1990 and a job came. Every spare penny was spent on the latest Dutch, German & Belgian import 12"s.

18th birthday came in November 1990. Proof of Age ID was bought (as he looked about 12) and warehouse parties, clubs and raves were attended all around the UK almost every weekend in the early '90s.

The first set of turntables were bought in 1990. On NYE 1991, while attending a rave night at a club called Walkers in Newcastle, Smurf was asked to fill in for a DJ that didn't turn up. This was his first live set in front of people. Very scary. The set has been reproduced here

By 1993, music had got a lot faster and harder. Breakbeat & jungle had taken over the UK, yet Smurfy was more interested in the harder 4/4 sounds coming from the continent and the USA. The first 'gabber' (or gabba as we called it) records started to filter into the UK record shops with the likes of The Euromasters, Rotterdam, and Ruffneck Records leading the way. Hundreds of pounds were spent every week on records with those big hard distorted 909 kick drums and insane samples.

Lots of tapes were recorded and given out in Bass Generator Records in Newcastle and various events around the region. In 1994, his big break came. Lenny Dee was booked to play at a Judgement Day event and Smurf was added to the line-up. The set was recorded to cassette with Lenny Dee on one side, and became very popular around the North East & Scotland. Check the full set here …

Bookings (and a later residency) at what Smurf describes as "the greatest club ever" - 'Nosebleed' in Scotland - soon followed, as well as bookings around the UK. The Judgement Day events got bigger and the 'Geordie Gabba Mafia' was formed.

Not sticking to only playing the hardest, fasted gabba trax around at the time, Smurf would drop random pop records into sets, that strangely seemed to work. If the dancefloor couldn't dance to the fast-paced music, they would be amused with crazy dancing behind the decks. "If I cant make them dance, I'll make them smile" is an old quote that is often brought up.

DJing eventually lead to producing, with releases on Hard of Hearing, Strike, & Killout records from 1997 onwards.

In 2000, Smurf was invited to his first gig outside the UK at the legendary Nordcore party in Hamburg, Germany. More gigs followed in Germany, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Italy & Belgium but it was a small party in a bar in Holland that led to his biggest break of all...

In early 2004 he was invited to play at friends Kit Williams/The Rapist's birthday party in a small bar in Haarlem in Holland. This was on a Sunday evening. He played a usual set of fun filled 'terror' trax accompanied with crazy dancing to about 10 people. Little did he know the guy who made the line-ups for Thunderdome (the biggest and most famous hardcore party in the world) was in attendance. A few weeks later he got a call which went something like "I liked the music you played and how you interacted with the crowd. I want you to do the same for the last hour at Thunderdome in December and send people home happy". Thunderdome came and I closed the party in the huge 2nd area in Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. What an experience!

Following that performance, bookings came in thick & fast for events such as Masters of Hardcore, Decibel, Hellbound, Ground Zero, BKJN, Nightmare Outdoor, Megarave and many other great partys.

Around this time, Smurf became one of the most popular 'terror' artists in Holland.

In 2006 after 5 years of hibernation, Smurf resurrected the mighty Judgement Day events and brought a number of European hardcore artists to the UK for the first time. Including Angerfist, Endymion, D-Passion, The Speedfreak, Sonic Overkill, Peaky Pounder, Day-Mar, Noisekick and Art Of Fighters.

GGM Raw Records was launched in 2007 and 5 vinyl releases were produced.

Since then, Smurf has been producing tracks on his own GGM & Deng Deng Hardcore digital labels, as well as having releases on This Is Terror, CSR, BKJN Music, Social Technology & Footworxx. He has kept to his unique style of playing and making records for the people on the dancefloor.

In 2011 & 2015 Smurf took the #DENG down-under to Australia, performing in Sydney & Perth on both occasions.

Back in the UK, he promotes the Nocturnal Wizards events and co-promotes the Distorted parties in Newcastle, as well as having a helping hand in other events around the UK.

On the 25th anniversary of his first full gabber set in a club (Judgement Day in 1994), Smurf announced that he will no longer be making or playing 'new' music s 'DJ Smurf'. Bookings as 'DJ Smurf' will only be for oldskool/early hardcore/early terror. He will continue to produce non-gimmicky/fun music as 'Xmurf', but only on a casual basis. He will continue to play techno as Viktor Van Stroomf.

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the destroyer
Snobbie :vaag:
You're sick in your fuckin head !!!!! amazing!!! Grtz Dead cat !!
The ManiaQ
Thanks for the party last friday! Hope to hear/see you soon again, awesome smurfcore!
Smurf lollipop :respect::respect::respect::respect::respect::respect::respect::respect:
Doodle my sack = much fun :banana:
heerlijk @­ fucking bastards
great emperor of smurfland :respect::respect:
:respect: echt een GROTE "kleine" man :jaja: deze man staat voor gegarandeerd succes :respect:
hij is niet goed wijs man
:D:D:D:D:D Smurf!! You Play some Good Sh*t ;) Greeeets (F)
[NL]+­[CSR]+­[040]+­[PSV]=­ *­TERREUR*­
:respect: SmurF :bier:
Rebecca El Balouti
Helemaal leip :P!
Damd smurfie,s zijn klein maar die damd muziek van ze oohh sow fijn :bounce::p;)
Dycore aka erwin
smurf draaid zeker goed :D
hero from the UK:respect:
Dr Darkness
a F*CKING hero:D:respect:
always fun with the Smurf!!!! he`s the partystarter!! :D :respect:
Drunk 'n High
goood shitt
echt knetterrr gek ....­TERROR_­BOVEN_­ALLES.....­
haha van die stijl wat hij draait heb je bijna geen drugs meer nodig :bounce:
Awesome guy!
Lekker bezig :D Super weer gedraaid op Ground zero!
love it
Mr. Smurf = LEGENDARY!!!!!! :respect:
pure terror :kwijl:
Smurf always good (Y)
Heeeerlijke Dj :respect:
nice terror mate!!!!
Cheers :beer:
La herb's
Dit is echt een super DJ!!(Y)
Dark Noise
:respect: This Producer/Dj Its a good style of Terror :respect:
Uber !!!!
Always good ..­ Nuff Said
smurf you rule !
Smurf:respect: TRUMPET SONG!!!!
Stampe­rtjuhh (H)
:xtc: hij is harddd Mopmop GAS EROP
:respect: great set @ raving with akira
[S.­T.­A]***­THE TERROR­IST***­[S.­T.­A]
kan GOED zijn maar zijn meestal helaas maar een paar platen!!!
I'll get you next time Smurf! Next time!!! MUAHAHHAAH!!!!!!!!!!
RedBull Rules Da Artcore Scene
EEjj Boy.. you pictured me yesterday on MEGARAVE Germany.. is there a way you could send it to me?? You created a very nice Set Yesterday:D(Y)
!¤ Bad Sound Kills Good Music ¤!
Ik herinner me nog zijn Christina Aguilera fuckup op TD 2004.­ Was wel vette herrie toen op het eind, was alleen te moe om er nog wat van te maken..­
Lots of mixes @­ http://www.­GeordieGabbaMafia.­org !!
tering goeie dj (Y) niks op aan te merke
jij weet wat muziek is hopaah de beste
¤ Rolin ¤
wel lachu als die moet draaien :lol: (Y)
Ik vind hem geweldig !
hij was te dronke om bij hellraiser te komen gister :S echt jammer
kan niet wwachten op je set bij hellraiser
Dj Rones
good man:bier: men jou no my gttssss
The Best!!! :D:D :respect:
ps: gezellige gast vs blauw aangelope tintje
Organized Mess
Smurf smurfs like Hell :respect:
altijd verransend
[IMB] Deaf Junk
Een top dj als het over classic hardcore gaat
(Y)(Y) (L)
deze smurf heeft gewoon stampend en snoeiharde, lijpe mixen
Goeie Gek...­
:respect: SMURF :respect:
welke mongool noemt zich nou smurf??? zielig!!!
Geweldig, aparte stijl ook :)
The greatest entertainer on earth :P :respect:
:bier: Vlugge Japie :banana:
smurf is a HERO :respect: Your money my beer :D
Humerous Terror ;)
kk dolle nummers op moh :D(Y)(Y)(Y)
hakken bar
smurf, gé bent 1 van me favorieten kwa terror &­ speedcore ga zo nog ff door gr pino
[NL]-Teelbal Terreur-[NL]
dj smurf fucking gr8:)
Dr. Eppo
Very nice person and awesome DJ! (y) Maaa shit is smelly!! :D
My mate:bier: A great dj:respect: and a funny man(Y)
Dj S-kill
Smurf :respect:
Smurf is cool :respect: :)
MC St0nie
Smurf de gekste!!
:respect: SMURF TEREURRRRR!!!! :respect:
smurfland vett ja b)
:bier: en terror
perfect lover
! ! !~van-0$­~ ...­:9...­:X...­:$­ .­¹³ `
$murf is Geweldig:respect: :bier: (Y)
knalle met GGM..:respect:
Smurf Is Dikke Shit :respect:
U RULE :respect:
Terreur @t Smurfencore :D
Warjan de Viking
real top entersmurfer with a nice smurfie sound, like its suppose to smurf !! thanks for the wicked wickyness in your numbers!!
rooie [NL]
mega artiest
:respect: Smurf Terror :respect:
Mark H :bier:
is dit ook een getietfreakte smurf?:P
smurf masters
knettergestoord :D :D but he ownz
smurf :respect::respect:
smurf beste terror dj die er is:respect: heerlijke al die vrolijke geluiden der in heerlijke:bier:
:respect: dizzy :bier:
:respect: Smurf :respect:
ggm raw
gewoon goed!! voor de rest nix meer over te zeggen
Insane in the braine
smurf :respect: kan het nog harder
the master of terrorrr :respect:
Smurf ! :respect:
jáááh knalleee!!!
Echt super vet gwn (Y) :kwijl:
[HC] Chrisz­(L)Ria­nne
Knalluh met smurf:bounce: Wel jammer dat ie niet blauw is:P
geweldig GGM
10 plus
[NL] Dokter Mingel [NL]
hard draaiend en nog sneller eg lekker
:lijn: Terror Holland :lijn:
Youre the Best Mate!!! :bier: Cheers
†..­ AndrØmeda.­23 ..­† :hyper:
debby aka Damaged Roses
smurf is not so small al all whehehe
Partyholic Kim
smurf de bom:D:respect:
smurf terreur
[Duracell ]MafKaass :[
Heerlijk Muziek Smurf :respect:
:harry: xmistyx :harry-f:
kort ma krachtig geweldig:respect:
:respect: to Smurf
de allerbeste POEKAAAAAAA
smurf is masters!!
:respect: smurf = de beste :yes::yes:
Roelus ©
my main man
smurf = :respect:
Core Of Confusion
smurf uber alus
smurf terreurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
super DJ
Hey Smurf, Hope you will put "­i love polka"­ from doormouse on the wheels of steel again tomorrow, and where can i find a cd with your shit, and you remix of this nr? cause when i asked you last year, i couldn't find it on the web.­ shame..­
**­Desibel**­ o:)
Woehoeeeh Gooi die troep ma los zaterdaaaag :respect:
Der0na (L)
hij is echt super vett
Smurf draait ZIEKELIJK hard(y)(y)
smurf boven alles :respect:
deze gast spoort dus egt niii..:D
:respect: SMURF :respect: :jaja:
Mr. T.
! *­Scalp 'M*­ !
No body can FART like he does! Kiss my smelly!
Poecil­otheri­a metallica
he mafkees alles flex? gr jeroen uit deventer
:respect: wat een leip hé feest is niet hetzelfde zondr hem
:respect: SMURF :respect:
die kjal is ech nie wijs:respect: draait lkkre terror
dj smurf :respect:
sTAATus :rot:
Great sound ..!! I love it (L) :bounce: :banana:
nuchtere hein
:respect: smurf :respect:
G.I. Jarno
:respect: Smurf :respect:
:respect: :respect:
WausPaus proud founder of the WTC
great dj one who knows how to make a real party :):D
smurf is just one of the best! i hope i see you again very fast! :D
Lord Terror
Hij is de man......­ die TERROR draaie kan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome To SmurfLand :respect:
Smurf is de man :P(Y)
jaah te gruwelijk die smurf :respect: (Y)

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gruwelijk die smurf (Y) :respect:
Smurf is de man (Y):bier:
Smurf..!! :respect:
welkom in smurven land welkom allemaal
Artiest Koroshiya
masterlijke terror
the best !!
smurf the best terror dj
echt de beste terror die er zonbeetje is - samen met de plague is dj smurf de masters of terror de hyperactiviteit is prachtig.
het is gewoon wat anders dan de normale terror/speedcore ,ik vind het prachtig(Y)
hi smurf i realy enjoyed your preformance @­t bkjn see ya soon love and kisses

_________________.­s$$_________­ ____­s$­
________________­s$$$­?______­s__­ ___­s$­³
______________.­s$$$___­ __.­s$­, ___­s$$­³
_____________­s$$$$­³______.­s$__­ _.$$­³
________­, ____$$$$$.______­s$­³__­ __­³$­
________$___$$$$$$­s_____­s$­³___­ __­³,
_______­s$___­³$$$$$$$­s___$$$­, ` ____..­
_______$$____­³$$$$$$­s.__­³$$­s__­ ___­, ,
________­³$.____­³$$$$$$$­s_.­s$$$_­ ___­
_______­`$$.____­³$$$$$$$_$$$$__­ _­s³
________­³$$­s____­³$$$$$$­s$$$­³__­ s$­³
_________­³$$­s____$$$$$­s$$$$­`__­ s$$­
______­s.__$$$$___­s$$$$$$$$­³_.­s $$­³__­
______$$_­s$$$$..­s$$$$$$$$$$$$$­ $­³__­
______­s$.­s$$$$­s$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$­ $_­
Uitspraak van verwijderd op vrijdag 27 april 2007 om 10:36:
echt de beste terror die er zonbeetje is - samen met de plague is dj smurf de masters of terror de hyperactiviteit is prachtig.­
het is gewoon wat anders dan de normale terror/speedcore ,ik vind het prachtig

jaman gruwelijk! geen woorde voor

dit is de shit..
check ff op zijn site kan je shit downloade van zijn radioprog..
moet je luisteren

te geil...
yo smurf i hope you are intrested in my dj stuff:)
speak you an other time
Helemaal WAHS
Artiest Smieky
normally i hate guys in blue butt this man is an exception..
hurry up with a new record man,,im waiting!:respect:
fuck me geordie!!! :D

of the trumpet song ook wel exposure king :D

Zo gruwelijk vet :D
Smurf :respect::respect::woop::bounce::bier:
real top entersmurfer with a nice smurfy sound,
like its suppose to smurf !! thanks for the wicked wickyness in your numbers!!
he waar kan ik Exposure King van Smurf eigenlijk downloadn weet iemand dat
geen geseur smurref terreur
ga er aan proberen te wennen die muziek

tutebol kan het niet beloven :P:P:P

sister van daantjuh(K)(K)
Uitspraak van verwijderd op maandag 12 november 2007 om 19:03:
geen geseur smurref terreur

And thats like it!

This shit is smelly!
vroluk kerstfeest en n goed bezopen nieuwjaar
kan je wel zeggen ja
loved your set on masters :respect:
moshpit-we killed jah (h)
laatste aanpassing
Deze kerel is gewoon te leip goed:D :respect:
Normaal ben ik niet zo'n speedcore/terror gast, maar naar zijn muziek kan ik uren luisteren:D:P Exposure King!!
een geweldige dj zeker weten;)
Dj smurf.:respect: (top muziek)
Smurf is leipe shit, keep up the good work :D
Smurf (Y)
The Fucking King !!!
Welcome To Smurfland :P:P:P
:cheers:keep it fucking brutal(6)
laatste aanpassing
Werkzaam bij Exposure DJs
Artiest Smurf, Xmurf
I wasn't too drunk to coem to Hellraiser.­ MC RTSier said it as a joke !

I had to play 4 times @­ Destroyed on the same night and couldn't get to Hellraiser !
Werkzaam bij KKNTS!
Uitspraak van DJ_Smurf_GGM_UK op vrijdag 1 augustus 2008 om 13:11:
I wasn't too drunk to coem to Hellraiser.­ MC RTSier said it as a joke !

I had to play 4 times @­ Destroyed on the same night and couldn't get to Hellraiser !

thats a disappointment to hear :P
Smurf [terreur] :respect:
Smurf @ Revive Oldskool. Newcastle, England 24/8/08
- Oldksool hardcore & happy gabba

Doll Kylie - Does Smurf (GGM RAW 3)
Marshall Masters feat The Ultimate MC - I Like it Loud (original mix) (Acardipane)
The Masochist – Killing Scum (DJ Promo Meets Shaolin mix) (white label)
Human Resource – Dominator (Buzz Fuzz remix) (Masters Of Hardcore 45)
Unexist – Vicodin (remix) (Lethal Insanity 1)
Hard Creation – Bastard / Asshole (Forze 24)
Neophyte – Braincracking (Rotterdam Special 1)
Bass D & King Matthew – In The Mix (Hard Attack 7)
The Stunned Guys – Hymn (Stunning Hardcore Element 2)
PCP – Zombie (Hardcore Maniacs 1)
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Live In London (VIP 12)
DJ Megatroyd – Clap Your Hands (Demon Spirit 1)
Diss Reaction – Jiieehaaaa (Ruffneck 24)
Bertocucci Feranzano (Bzrk 1)
The Demoniac – One, Two (Bass D & King Mathhew remix) (Inferno 5)
General Noise – Pump This Groove (Forze 6)
Turbolenza – I Am The Creator (Future mix) (Traxtorm Revamped 6)
Evil Activities – Nobody Said It Was Easy (Neophyte 36)
Headbanger – What The Hell Are U Waiting 4 (Megarave 95)
R Wagner – Listen Carefully (DOM 9)
Lenny Dee – Forgotten Moments (Lenny Dee 3)
i luister pas n kleine maand ook hardcore en de bende :P
deze gast is zowiezo de bruutste :D

Exposure King van Smurf is KING !!!! :D
Smurf :respect: echt een mafkees :p en draaien dat die kan (y)
I enjoyed your set that you gave last Saturday(Y):D

Crazy Idiot
thanks 4 the nice mix i've got at the KKNTS bus! ;) (y)
Good/Crazy dj:) love your terror:D
[albumelement=75362905]{element is niet toegankelijk}
zieke frenchcore mixes! respect!
Awesome :D

lots of lollipops for you :respect:
laatste aanpassing
Lollypop :respect:
laatste aanpassing
Great set yesterday on plague's bday bash :D
did you enjoy it last friday,
i am a friend of Rebecca the blonde one
i saw you when i was busy with the lights..­

i hope you are there one the next hardcore loves porn to..­

xx Linda
Werkzaam bij Lompp
hey dude! your set was awesome @ imperial hardcore !!
i'm lookin forward too footworxx :d

greatings from dead cat ( the one that gave you beer lol)
See you @ Smurfenland
Smurf your day!
Smurf your fucking awesome please never stop what youre doin =­) cant get enough
laatste aanpassing