M-Zine & Scepticz (foto)
NaamJoeri Deyaert & Tom Cools
Before these two friends joined forces in flander's eastern fields, they were already well known figures in Belgian's dnb scene.
Gainin' more support from international dj's like Skeptical, Ant Tc1, DLR, Mako, Hydro, Mikal, ..
Workin' on a daily basis in the studio, M-zine & Scepticz are cooking their way to a bright future with their smooth productions.
Releasing tunes on labels that keep innovating the drum & bass sound: Dispatch Recordings, Warm Communications, 31 Recordings, Cyberfunk, Diffrent Music, Demand records, ..
Their dj sets are confident, very precise & therefor will leave you stirred on the dancefloor.

Except for beers and chocolates, these are truly Belgians finest export product !
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