NaamOscar Millán & Marco Mendez Arosa
Functielive act, groep
Out of the Latin roots of Marco Mendez Arosa a.k.a. SoulPlayer and Oscar Millán a.k.a. Tyler Traxx,emerged the project M.O. – Main Objective in 2010 in Belgium.

Marco was born in 1979 in Belgium but has Galician (part in the north-west of Spain) roots. He grew up in the neighborhood of St Gilles in Brussels.
From his childhood on, Marco developed a passion for dancing; break dance and hip hop in particular. He started taking dancing classes from the age of 16 on turned into one of Belgium's best professional dancers, making it possible to work with renowned artists like Kate Ryan, Bob Sinclar, Antione Clamaran, Agnès etc…
At the age of 20, Marco starts composing music on a simple game console...
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Party agenda M.O.
Laatste optreden was op zondag 30 juni 2013: Summerfestival, Nieuw zuid, Antwerpen
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