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NaamChris Madin
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"I'm Chris Madin a singer/songwriter originally from Doncaster, South Yorkshire (England) who made the move to London when I was 18 to pursue my dream of writing and recording my own album… and here it is "Jigsaw"

I wrote most of my album "Jigsaw" with Pete Woodroffe and Charlie Grant and two of the songs with Mr Jem Godfrey all three of whom have been a huge inspiration.

I love to write songs that have a concept behind them, something that people can relate to without singing about the obvious and put as much personality into my songs as possible! I spend most of my time writing, singing, playing, performing or listening to my music but I do love football too"
D-Block & S-te-Fan & Isaac feat. Chris Madin - Alive · 26 maart 2014
De nieuwe plaat van D-Block & S-te-Fan, Isaac samen met Chris Madin, getiteld 'Alive' belooft een heleboel vuurwerk. Wat voor vuurwerk lees je in deze recensie.
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