foto Hossein Tohi
NaamHossein Mousavi
Functielive act, rapper
Geboortedatum25 januari
Genreship hop


Hossein Tohi Aka (Seyed Hossein Mousavi) - Born on January 25, his birth was a revolution to the traditional Persian Rap Music Industry. He started off as an Underground rapper and was the first artist who introduced Rap genre to the Iranian music industry and so far is the Best Rap artist and has a numerous fan following base. His efforts making it to the top are seen through his unconditional love for his work, which has been a fruitful journey of 10 years. All his songs has always been in Top 10 for more than 4 weeks, let it be on a music video channel or the radio, or the infamous YouTube.
Recently he held a concert in All of The World.. , with all the oldies and newbie's of the industry, where a crowd of more than 5000 attended...

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 15 februari 2014: Hossein Tohi live in concert, Villa Thalia, Rotterdam
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