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Genresfrenchcore, industrial hardcore, terror, uptempo hardcore
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  • Vandal!sm, tot 17 oktober 2019
In 1993 at the age of 3 Vandal!sm got a couple of tapes with the old Gabba sound from his cousin and instandly got infected.
After listening to various forms of hardcore the next decade he bought his first set of Turntables at the age of 16.
Performing in local bars at his hometown he soon got in touch with PPF and he invited him to join the FSD crew.
FSD was a festival organized by youth for youth and had over 2000 visitors, this was the first big festival Vandal!sm played at.
In 2009 he started to produce music and create wicked sounds for himself. He also joined forces with RME Events with a lot of gigs still coming in for the future, and countless hours of studiotime. Vandal!sm is growing faster harder then ever before...
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Waauw wat een super setje op execute 2018 groningen... :cheer:
Jij bent de beste! <3
geweldige dj ONZE BREDASE BAAS
:bounce: Miss_­Early :bounce:
Jij draai altijd goed held
Maatje :D
Kicks gaan door merg en been!
Held voor de uptempo !
***­ Maximaal UPTEMPO keihard ***­
Dycore aka erwin
Goed bezig maat ! :respect: (6)
Lekker bezig, harde setjes!!