NaamDanny Casseau
Functielive act
Started with music in '84.
Joined the group H-Berion who played French Rock (à la Bérurier Noir) with 2 guitarist, one singer and a drum machine.
Experimented with limited set-up (cheap drum machines, 1-second sampler, 2-track recorder, ...)
Released my first e.p. in 1993, Slam Trax – Blow acid, an instant classic.
Joined Big Time International in 1994 and became one of their hardest working artists, released a whole string of projects on Reload (Trax-X, Atom-X) as well as on Nitric and 21st Century. A track from Atom-X's Proton 99 e.p. was also used for the publicity for Party Zone on MTV that was played several times a day...
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Party agenda Trax-X
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 29 maart 2014: AcidO, Paenhuys, Hoegaarden
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