NaamMathieu Clé
Genresdeephouse, disco


Closed Paradise is a DJ and producer like no other. In times when technology has made a DJ's job simply pushing a button, Closed Paradise chooses to stick to classic methods and brings out vinyl to every show. DJing since the age of 15 and inspired by legends like Derrick May, Joe Claussell and Moodymann, his selection and mixing are skillful and guided by the heart. Closed Paradise's vibe is centered on a solid groove and seamlessly slips between contempory sounds of deep house, soul and disco. He has played shows around the world including Wanderlust Paris, Zapatta Berlin, Enfants Terrible NYC, and Café del Mar Ibiza. In addition to being a world class DJ, Closed Paradise is also an established and well respected producer...

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Laatste feest was op vrijdag 10 oktober 2014: Midnight City, Club Up, Amsterdam
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