foto Borrowed Identity
NaamChristian Soukup
FunctieDJ, producer
Genresdisco, funk, house, techno


Borrowed Identity is widely recognised as a chameleon within the electronic music scene. He can tastefully and strategically mix various forms of house, techno and disco depending on his reaction to the environment and the crowd, expanding his skills towards a totally freestyle manner if he feels is appropriate for the occasion.

Likewise, the multi-disciplinary DJ who helms from Berlin, Germany, can provide a truly focussed direction for the crowd and the dance floor, opting for those present to completely let go and lose their inhibitions. Instead of creating an easy to promote image as a DJ he attempts with every show to catch the appropriate vibe in each club, going with the motions of the crowd as they motion with him.

Uitgaansagenda Borrowed Identity

Laatste feest was op vrijdag 13 december 2019: Club Cabane, La Cabane, Brussel
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