Noraj Cue (foto)
NaamJaron van de Weg
FunctieDJ, live act
Genrestechhouse, techno
Noraj Cue is a guy who lives in the north of the Netherlands. Born as Jaron van de Weg in '81. He grew up in a partly dutch / indonesian family where music always was around either played by records or by family members on the piano or the guitar. At a young age he started with experimenting and used a simple keyboard, because of the drumcomputer and the synths. Several times a week, mostly when his parents were out. He gathered some pots and pans, laundry baskets, dustbins. And putted them upside down, lined them up and started jamming. Including his fathers guitar on which he broke several strings. But not before he pressed "rec" on his dubbledeck tape recorder using 2 cassettes to record over each play...
Noraj Cue - Kobalt · 25 oktober 2015
Noraj Cue, een in Heerhugowaard woonachtige dj/producer die verbonden is aan Manual Music, heeft onlangs zijn tweede album uitgebracht. Een album waar stijlen als downtempo, techno en groovy techhouse op een melodieuze manier belicht worden.
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