Popr3b3l (foto)
NaamMartijn Buiter
FunctieMC, zanger
SiteSite popr3b3l.com
BoekingenSite crushinagency.com
POPR3B3L, Martijn Buiter (NL), started out as a pop musician. Writing and producing pop and folk songs. His father was always his greatest example, as he is also a professional musician and recording studio owner. Only from the year 2012, after gaining a new best friend (MC da Syndrome), he was introduced to hardstyle and hardcore music. DJ Korsakoff, which he met backstage when attending a gig from his best friend, dared him to try and do something for her new album called "Stilletto". And only then, others like DJ The Prophet, found out his voice and lyrics could be very usefull in dance tracks. More collab tracks followed, like "Who wants to shizzle forever" and "So wrong" with DJ The Prophet...
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