Keith Wesseling (foto)
NaamKeith Wesseling
Leeftijd26 - 27
Keith Wesseling was born in the Netherlands in 91.
Growing up, he was a small and shy boy, waiting to find his talent.
In high school he found his identity by discovering the treasure of music and found that his heart belonged there.
After a period of dance lessons and other failures it was a houseparty in the small village of Hank that opened his eyes. Watching the DJ's inspired him to try the decks himself.
Having found his calling, music became the biggest part of his life, resulting in starting a small business as a professional DJ.
The business started off well and got him a summer gig in Spain.
That summer in Spain was the start of a career that took him to various places in Europe, pleasing the crowd with his high energy behind the wheels and ability to make everyone dance their ass off.
To describe Keith Wesseling in one word it would be "Energetic".
His sets are full with energy and he always tries to make the crowd go mad and have the best time.
Do you think you're ready? U better be!!
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