foto Mandi Dextrous
NaamMandisha Gordon
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genresdrum & bass, jungle, techno, tekno


A popular DJ / Producer / Remixer spawned from the UK underground rave scene has pioneered a brand new and original Jungletek sound, totally bringing Jungletek into the new century with a fresh new appeal and an up to date hard 4 to the floor bouncy and energetic style.

Inspired through a passion for original Jungle classics, Drum and Bass and Hard Techno mixing one genre or the other was not enough for Mandidextrous. So through teaching herself Ableton Live and using her keen ear for a remix Mandidextrous has set out to infuse popular and well known Jungle sounds with some hard and fast aggressive kick drums and bouncy bass lines which has enabled her to explode onto the underground rave scene. Now she runs her own Record label aptly named Amen4Tekno Records.

With well over 1.8 million plays on her soundcloud and a huge fan base and music sold and downloaded all over the world Mandidextrous is one artist you must check out. Huge energy - huge sound - huge vibes and a pure passion to get any dance floor jumping!

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Laatste feest was op zondag 19 september 2021: Hospitality, Beckenham Place Park, London
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