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diferiT aka Cosmin Grigoriu, discovered his passion for music from an early age (9 years)when he was guided by his parents to take piano and clarinet lessons in the School of Arts in Roman. The piano and clarinet mania lasted for almost half a year, seeing that it wouldn't listen to him , he dismissed this hobby little by little until he stopped taking lessons. Next there's a break of approximately 5 years, when he "tried" various free mixing programs on the internet. At the age 14 (the minimum age required to be allowed to entry into a club), starts going to the local clubs. Seeing the resident DJs play music ,he quickly falls in love with this hobby getting to play frequently in some clubs where he goes regularly...

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Laatste feest was op zondag 22 december 2013: Iubitor De Sentimente întunecate, Paradigm, Groningen
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