Beau Zwart (foto)
NaamBeau Zwart
FunctieDJ, live act
Lid van groepPrins Escort
Beau (18) discovered his great love for music on a young age. At the age of nine he bought hisself a piano and began to write original compositions. He performed his songs with the orchestra (SKVR jeugdorkest) in which he played the piano. He opened the 'Gergiev Festival' in 2006 with a piano solo piece and became a member of the 'Talentgroup of Rotterdam'. As a member of the talentgroup he got masterclasses about classical music and music theory. He also gained more experience with performances.

After 2 years of the Talentgroup he noticed that he wanted more than the 'old school' classical way of music. Garageband and a simple MIDI-controller made the change. He wanted to be Beau Zwart, instead of Mozart...
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