Miss Erica Dee (foto)
Functiezangeres, DJ, rapper
Genresdubstep, electro, hip hop, house, r&b
Erica Dee is an artistic paradigm of our age. Born in the digital realm, she manages to combine old world Spirit with new world Soul, seamlessly mixing, singing, rapping and djing into a linear stream. An electro vaudevillian gypsy, she has captivated audiences from B.C. to Brazil and lives to travel, learn and share her many gifts with the world.

The daughter of jazz musicians, as a teen into her early 20's Erica was heavily involved in Canada's burgeoning west coast electronic music scene, opening for Lyrics Born, Lil Kim, & Collie Buds, and writing and recording with Bassnectar & DJ Numark (Jurassic 5). This led to an opportunity to be mentored by the world famous Numark, who invited Erica to Los Angeles in 2009 to work in his studio.
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