foto Paul SG
Genresdrum & bass


Putting the drum back into drum & bass, 26 year old Neo-Viennesse player Paul SG was hitting the rhythm stick from an early age. Classical and modern, Paul's drum devotion began almost 20 years ago and has embraced all forms of percussive platforms along the way. Grunge bands, jazz combos, orchestras or just good old fashioned jamming; SG's thirst for rhythm got faster and faster... Influenced by the musical side of broken beats and drum & bass, People like Kruder and Dorfmeister, Paul began DJing at 18 and in 2005 he took his first tentative steps into music production. Releases on labels like Phunkfiction, Innerground, Fokuz, Keynote, Influenza Media and Santorin followed, catching the ears of some of the biggest international D&B dons...