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Genresdisco, electro, house
DJ Rim-K is a well known face in the Belgian club scene !
His hosting a weekly radio show called Soundtraffic since July 2004 on the best radio station in the capital of Europe: www.fmbrussel.be every saturday from 22H till 23H
Many national/international Dj's and producers have spinned records in Soundtraffic, names like:
Greg Wilson, Mark E, Matt Walsh, The Glimmers, Jef-K, Raoul Lambert, Tim Sweeny, Ilja Rudman, D'julz, Sasse, Tim Paris & Ivan Smagghe, Mr Ho, Pete Herbert, just to name a few....

Rim-k started buying his first records around 1992: trance, house, techno. He debuted as a DJ by doing warm-up's at Club Extreme from 1993 till 1998.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 30 juni 2017: Rich & Sexy, Cobra, Zoetermeer
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