NaamMichael van Oostveen & Casper van der Spek
FunctieDJ, groep
Genreshardcore, raw hardstyle


The Syndicatorz is a new dutch hardstyle/hardcore duo which is created by Casper and Michael. These boys allready has lots of experience in playing on party's and producing tracks. They have each his own experiences and combining them together brought this new duo.
Casper is the man behind most of te releases, he is the one with the experience in the studio. Michael is the one which plays more often, he has lots of experience behind the decks and together they teach each other new things and help eachother to get to the top together.
these guys are realy a act to look at, new releases will come soon and you will find them at every party you book them on!
Bookings can be made by mailing to [email]thesyndicatorz@gmail...

Uitgaansagenda The Syndicatorz

Laatste feest was op vrijdag 28 maart 2014: The Conquest, Todo, Best
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