Sant Santiago (foto)
Genreshouse, latin, moombahton, tribal house
He was born in Santos (Brazil). He came to the Netherlands when He was 10 years old and life still near by Rotterdam. ''Music is my passion and I want to do something with it.'' He started to make his own demo and wanted to become a DJ.

Representing his passion for music, Dj Sant Santiago serves his audience with a mixed music style containing raw sexy latin-house, uplifting tribal beats, energizing electro-house, Brasil Beats, House Music,Moombahton, Funk, Samba, Forro, Axe, Sertanejo...

According to Dj Sant a DJ is a true artist who is capable of much more than spinning records alone. He believes that a DJ of the 21st century can also be an entertainer without losing the identity of DJ...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 21 februari 2015: Brazilian Carnaval 2015, Dido Events, Amsterdam
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