foto Joonas Hahmo
NaamJoonas Hahmo
Genresprogressive trance


If you don't know much about Finland, one thing you should know about is Joonas Hahmo. Joonas has become one of Finland's hottest electronic music exporters! He has worked on numerous different projects during his career and one of the most successful of them is a trance collaboration called Alt+F4, which he wrote together with his friend. With this track Joonas signed his first ever record deal with the Brittish record label Anjunabeats. Not bad scouting from the label, as the track went on to become the biggest selling record on the label that year. Even today, after being included on countless compilations and played by every possible trance DJ on the planet, many people still describe it as one of the greatest Trance tracks of all time...

Uitgaansagenda Joonas Hahmo

Laatste feest was op woensdag 16 oktober 2013: Colors ADE Special, Panama, Amsterdam