NaamAster Francois
Genresdrum & bass, dub, r&b, urban


Where to even begin with Fred Astèr? It all began back in 2008. From spinning at local bars to being a resident dj in clubs and playing at major festivals, like Rock Ternat, Laundry Day, Jospop,... Talking about a rising star? He started off with ravishing electro beats, gaining the confidence of the crowd. Right now, his interests in music shifted from spinning electro to breaking the house down with some dirty house, dubstep, drum and bass and urban. Shake dem booties!

He is living his dream to entertain, watch the crowd go crazy from the moment he steps on stage.
He is the beats-dropping, heart-stopping, most must-see upcoming artist around. When he's up there and turns the music on, the party keeps going on

Uitgaansagenda Fred Astèr

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 14 september 2013: Kotfest, Asbroeklos, Essene
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