A. Mochi (foto)
NaamAkihiro Mochizuki
Functielive act, DJ, producer
SiteSite amochi.re-sound.jp
One of Len Faki's label Figure's central artists based in Tokyo. He performs Live PA, and DJ. He has been releasing 12 inch from the labels such as "Hardsignal", "Tremors" since 2006. In 2007, he released 2 EPs from Luke Slater's labal "Mote-Evolver". In 2008, he released two 12 inch vinyls from Alex Bau"s label "Kumo", and released tracks from Francois K.'s "Wave Tec". Then, also in 2008, he released "Battry EP" from "Figure" the label of Len Faki who is the resident DJ of the best club in the world, Berghain. This EP has been played by many top DJs around the world. In 2009, "Black Out EP" on "Figure" received great response from all over the world. he also released his critically acclaimed debut album "Primordial-Soup" in 2010...
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