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NaamBeyza Karayalcin & Cuneyt Karayalcin
FunctieDJ, groep


Maybe not so long, but it's been a total of eight solid years in a rush that the mighty DJ Beyza and the talented musicman Cuneyt Karayalcin have come up with the idea to be in the studio and in the booth together as Audioknob

Producers, performers throughout the whole wide world and labels in the cities around Europe like London, Amsterdam, Hannover, Thessaloniki and Istanbul have been and are always in demand of the duo's brilliantly constructed, specialized and DJ- Oriented tracks, remixes and EPs that are always featured and being spinned by DJs all around the world, in their charts, live and radio sets, and compilations, proven by live stats and the very thankful feedback received every freaking day!

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Laatste feest was op donderdag 17 oktober 2013: Rebel Bookings vs Sweettrade Bookings, Cue Bar, Amsterdam
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