TNO soundsystem (foto)
FunctieDJ, soundsystem, groep
Foreign, Malachi Manukure
Yung Nnelg, Glenn Ascencion
If you haven't heard of TNO Soundsystem yet, there's definitely something wrong with your social life. TNO Soundsystem is not only an act, it's an understanding, and for sure an upcoming legend. TNO (The New Originals) started as a group of young creative talents, driven by the same passion for music and lifestyle, making them construct a top of the bill initiative. Combining their strengths, two of the guys, Yung Nnelg and Malakami, began a DJ act around 2012. That's when TNO Soundsystem happened. With their outstanding appearances and unique sound they gained a lot of support by the most respected DJ's of Amsterdam. Providing the freshest tunes and hottest sets, TNO Soundsystem sure knows how to turn up their crowd...
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