AKIRA. (foto)
NaamAkira Salehin
Leeftijd29 - 30
Genreselectro, house, techno
Vroegere namen
  • Akira, tot 25 september 2017
Akira Salehin was born in 1987, a very important year in electronic music.
Growing up with classical music made him very anxious to learn all about who and what was behind the creation of music.
He was about 8 years old when his 10 year older brother introduced him to HOUSE MUSIC...and from that moment on it changed his life.

A few years later he started to get interested in DJ-ing and quickly wanted to get his hands on a pair of turntables, and so he started to gain more and more feel with house music. At the age of 13 he already owned his first turntables and mixer and started buying records in his favourite recordstore: USA Import in Antwerp.
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