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Genresschranz, techno
Born in 1990 in Hungary and at a young age Bentech developed an early passion for a wide range of genres. At 15 he had his first introduction into the Hard Techno music scene, by the year 2005 he immediately became addicted to this sound and genre.
In 2008 with his passion for Hard Techno now fully developed, he decided to start a music career in this underground scene and bought his first mixer and cdj decks. After practising for a year perfecting his sound and style, his talent started to show in his earlier tracks, which would later be evident in his more recent music.
He started using Fruity Loops and sent some demos to Jason Little, who decided a collaboration between them and released an EP in BadBrains Rec...
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 1 augustus 2013: Techno Friends, Campingplatz Pydna, Kastellaun
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