Tuff City Kids (foto)
NaamGerd Janson & Phillip Lauer
FunctieDJ, groep
Tuff City Kids is a duo consisting of Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer.

Ordinarily, you would put J before L to preserve alphabetical order, but in this case the amount of work done by Lauer necessitates some sort of nod – rhetorically or otherwise.

Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer are creatures of habit. Every week, the two club veterans meet up at Phillipʼs studio and spend an entire day making tunes. And while Gerd often likes to joke that his role in the arrangement is limited to making coffee and looking at his cell phone, itʼs clear that the two men have forged a potent partnership, one thatʼs been responsible for an astonishing amount of dancefloor heat over the past few years.
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