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Music is definitely one of Latinos' biggest passions. We live it, dance it and enjoy it to the fullest. The same goes for Rotterdam's city Latin DJ, Xavier.

Born in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, Xavier Santos began collecting music and at age 16 was already a disc jockey at various nightclubs. In order to work at the club, he had to tell the club's management he was 19 years old.

Xavier was determined to succeed and his passion for music went far and beyond. After that came Xavier for the first time to Europe, Spain in Tenerife en begins in a few nightclub as Havana Club, Juanchito and Club 7.

He's multicultural, he's charisma and he's energy!! Xavier appeals to a broad audience that includes various nationalities. He enjoys mixing different genres, but his roots as a mixer are linked with Tropical music. "I grew up listening to Salsa because of my roots. One of the first clubs I DJed at on the weekends was a latin club.

Xavier's life revolves around music but his work does not end when he's not in front of the microphone. He also enjoys spending time with his family and his loyal listeners.
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