NaamMichael Moussaid
AliasMichael Moussa
Lid van groepRob de Nice
Genresdisco, r&b
Amsterdam's Mikey Nice is a devoted music lover with a smile as wide as his record collection is deep. A former hip hop and r&b nut turned house and disco digger, he weaves together magical soundtracks that touch on myriad different styles from deep and romantic to more jacking and melodic.

An energetic and enthusiastic DJ who bounces about in the booth with endless charm, MikeyNice is a floor filling and crowd pleasing selector that plays just the right records at exactly the right time. He is a resident DJ at the much loved Thursday night at Disco Dolly where he brings out a regualar and fun loving crowd each and every time. The man born Michael Moussaid has also played alongside some of the biggest names in the game and is a regular at clubs around Amsterdam including Chicago Social Club and Trouw. Wherever MikeyNice goes, he has an eternal smile on his face and a bag of music that is so entertaining everyone who gets to hear it shares a similar smile.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 10 mei 2019: frits op de Boot, Supperclub Cruise, Amsterdam
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