NaamFabyan de Bruin & Paul Roos
FunctieDJ, groep
Paolo, Paul Roos
Genreshouse, latin, progressive trance
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  • Fabrie & Paolo Converse, tot 18 augustus 2019
Fabyan de Bruin and Paul Roos are two friends from Rotterdam, at the age of 15 years, they met each other and turned directly to a click. The sense of rhythm, music, but above all the passion for music eventually resulted in the DJ duo which is better known as Fabrie & Paolo.

It al started with performing at small parties, even when they were inexperienced you could see the potential of the boys. Currently Fabrie & Paolo are busy with producing new tracks and trying to find their own sound style.

The purpose of Fabrie & Paolo is to infect the people on the dancefloor and to reach so far as the could.

And please remember!

FABRIE & PAOLO, The brings you the heat!
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