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Genresdeephouse, drum & bass, house, minimal, techno
Since childhood inspired and infatuated with the more obscure and darker styles of music, such as hard rock and metal, but as much appreciative of other types of music, including jazz, hip-hop and classical music, Matts Brouns is a true music lover and connaisseur.
Playing the guitar and knowing his way around the keys of a piano, taught him to create a vision of what his ideal music should sound like. Whilst getting older, getting to know new people and starting a new chapter in his life, Matts discovered clubs, festivals and an interesting view on music.

Dazed and amazed by what kind of impact electronic music had on him, Matts was instantly hooked and knew this was what he wanted to hear.
At first, really appreciating the liquid and up tempo sound of drum 'n bass, and later on getting into the more minimalistic styles of music, which inevitably came with changes in his personal life as well.
Dark, deep minimal and techno was Matts' focus for quite some time, but opening up more to other artists, dj's and producers gave him the opportunity to start a career as a dj, which he grabbed with both hands. Playing alongside his friends from FlatFish at numerous Kazzino parties, Matts got more into the grooves of house and deep house music, while maintaining a very unique sound during his sets.

After an education of sound engineering, Matts was keen on producing his own music and dove into the world of making records, combining this with more and more gigs as a dj. As a result, his spectrum on music kept on expanding and still does every day.
Supported by the Lucid crew and being part of it, Matts Brouns has had the chance to play at big festivals (Lucid Festival, Sunrise Festival), clubs as Café d'Anvers and Petrol and loads of events in the region of Antwerp, alongside some very renowned artists, e.g. Marcel Dettmann, DVS1, Joel Mull, Sebo K, Guido Schneider, Truncate,...

Depending on the mood that he is in, he will always surprise the crowd, not worrying about styles or genres. Having no musical boundaries what so ever, he will take people on a journey, whether it be in a club making ravers dance their shoes off, or on a sunny festival day, getting the crowd mesmerized by his very distinctive sound.
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