Les Grands Chais de Carnival (foto)
NaamCor Schenk & Daan van Lith
FunctieDJ, groep
The first meeting between long separated half-brothers Universal Cor and Daan was difficult. Universal Cor already had a fast musical carreer when deciding to take the unexperienced Daan under his wing. But music was able to unite them despite their fights as half-brothers.

Les Grands Chais de Carnival distinguised musical stylings known as "kermishouse" have been influenced by their stay at Chalêt au Bord du Lac. They intend to conquer the world with their upbeat, playfull music. Infamous for their partys and famous for there drinking problems they are a different sound for a different age.
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Party agenda Les Grands Chais de Carnival
Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 10 januari 2014: Bizarre Bazaar, Lite, Amsterdam
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